TRIO Adult Learners Program

TRIO Adult Learners Program

Get Credits for work you are already doing!

Many adults in the yeshiva world have yet to earn a bachelor’s degree and are unaware of how quickly and easily TRIO can help them to do so. Our adult learners program is specifically designed to help mature learners translate their work experiences into college credits and then finish off other requirements at an accelerated pace and with a seamless process. Depending on work experience and previous educational experiences, this program can be completed in as little as 6 months.

Courses designed for success

Our courses are fully online and asynchronous. This means that you can take our courses at a time and pace that works best for your schedule.TRIO’s faculty are among the most recognized names in Jewish education, offering courses on a variety of topics. We also offer courses on topics that our students are already familiar with and can complete quickly and easily to earn college credits by passing tests on the material.

Focus on the student experience

Our students meet once a week as a group to learn from top-rated speakers on topics of interest to their group. This allows our cohort members to engage in an enjoyable and growthful process, while supporting each other in the journey of completing their degrees.

Commitment to creating real outcomes

TRIO provides career guidance and coaching using research based tools to help our students figure out the best path that matches their talents, interests, and needs, and then supports them in reaching their goals.

Work Experience credits

You can receive college credits for the work experience you have already gained. With 84% of online students earning their bachelor’s degrees while employed, programs that give credit for work experience ease students’ financial burden while also reducing the amount of time required to complete a degree.

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