Master’s of Computer Science (MS)

Master’s of Computer Science (MS)

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  • 36 credits
  • Practical plus analytical skills
  • Internship option available
  • Professional Track option
  • National Avg. Salary $101,100

One reason to earn a master's degree in computer science is because it can provide a foundation for a career in technology research and development. Jobs in the computer science industry can typically be found in a company's information technology department, a government agency, or a non-profit entity.

For individuals already working in the information technology sector, a master's degree program may provide a career boost by enabling professionals to expand their expertise in the field. For example, a master's degree program gives students specialized skills in one or more areas of technology, including network security, software development, or artificial intelligence.

Another reason is to prepare for future entrance into a Ph.D. program. In these programs, students can take advanced courses and gain the research skills that they need to prepare for successful admission into a Ph.D. program. Depending on the school, they may even be able to apply some of the credits they earn toward a Ph.D. in the future.

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