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Computer Science

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Bachelor of Science in Computer Sciences

Semesters: Spring, Fall, Open
Duration: 2 Years
Cost: $15,000+
(Before Financial Aid)

National Avg. Salary $70,300 Job Growth Rate 6.1% Recommended Degree Bachelor's

• Bureau of labor statistics Low = $52,500 Average = $75,550
High= $115,000

What Career Paths does this Degree Program offer

• Data scientist
• Software tester
• Web developer
• Systems analyst
• Business analyst
• Product manager
• Network architect
• Software engineer

Computer Science

A computer science degree develops the skills and knowledge required to design, develop, test, and produce computers and their subsystems. If you decide to earn a computer science degree, you still have many more decisions to make. You’ll need to choose between an accredited degree program or a coding boot camp, or perhaps both. You’ll also have to determine if you will need a secondary computer science degree in a field such as business or healthcare administration, whether you’ll be best served by an undergraduate or advanced degree, and which specific certifications you'll need to land your dream job in the field of computer science.

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