TRIO Shlucha Program

TRIO Shlucha Program

TRIO - Chabad House Program

TRIO has partnered with Chabad Houses to offer two new and amazing programs

Track 1

You can earn up to 60 work/ experience college credits for doing your job as a Shlucha

This program offers Shluchos 30 credits for doing their assigned work in the Chabad house and completing a journal and essays that demonstrate their work experience throughout the year. These will relate to things like teaching, mentoring, hashkafa classes with the house mother, helping preschool students to learn how to read. ( If your house offers different work, please call to find out what will be accepted).

Track 2

After earning your credits with us during your first year as a Shlucha, come back for a second year and you can complete a bachelor’s degree by the end of your second year.

What are experience credits and how do they work?

Work Experience is an opportunity for students to earn credit for working outside of school. Work Experience is an innovative way to support students who have completed high school and gone on to the workforce that provides college credits for the learning they have achieved in their professional and volunteer pursuits.

College and Master Programs

You can then finish your degree with TRIO or transfer these credits to our partner colleges

  • Excelsior college - Liberal arts

  • SUNY Empire State college - Psychology, education, computer science, and many more

  • Monroe college - Business, accounting, human services, and information technology

TRIO has relationships with many master’s programs to help our students earn degrees in:

Social Work (MSW), MBA, Occupational Therapy, Education, Special education, Computer Science, Public Health, and Health Care Management.

Student Support

To support students, we assist them in choosing the courses, degree plans, and options that best serve their goals. For students who need assistance to figure out what path to choose we provide customized career guidance. Rabbi Binyamin (Benjamin) Rapaport, MSc, MAPP, our career guidance counselor, has helped hundreds of students over the past decade to identify their strengths and plan a path that works for them in his capacity as the director of career guidance and development at Beth Medrash Govoha (BMG) and assistant instructor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Positive Psychology Program.

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