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Yeshiva and Seminary College Program

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TRIO is the only yeshiva and seminary college program that has relationships with five different colleges to offer students the best selection of degree options.


Our graduates have been accepted to top rated graduate schools including Columbia, University of Pennsylvania, NYU, Duke, and the University of Toronto, among many others.

TRIO’s career guidance program is designed to help students find the best path to achieve their goals, from selecting the right degree program to successfully completing it.


Choose from accredited courses that interest, inspire, and engage with today’s most relevant topics. 100% online video courses from faculty you know and love—always on your own schedule.

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Jewish Thought (211): Jewish Mindfulness

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1 Lesson

Jewish Law (301): Jewish Law and Practice – Medical Ethics

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4 Lessons

Jewish Philosophy (101) The Way Of G-d (Derech Hashem)

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10 Lessons

Jewish Thought (211): Maimonides Thirteen Principles of Faith

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0 Lessons

Jewish Leadership (202)

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8 Lessons

Jewish Law (405): Jewish High Holidays

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8 Lessons

Jewish Law (302): Leadership and Character Development

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0 Lessons

Bible Studies (312): Mysticism in the Bible

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Hadassa Reichman

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